If you don’t believe in some sort of organizing spirit or higher force, you can skip this comment. For the rest of you, I offer an exciting invitation to align your quest for a new residence with the purposes and guidance of the Great Spirit – however you may call It. There is at the juncture of choosing a new home a wondrous opportunity to jump ahead on the path of spiritual development. When you move into a new town, you have, to some degree, an opportunity to establish a whole new field of neighbors, acquaintances, and friends (perhaps including a person who will become your new best friend- to replace the best friend that everyone has to leave when making a distant move). It is a chance to act afresh with reference to your newest/latest and best understanding of yourself and what you seek in life.

If you are in the habit of attending a church or temple, you might first be inclined to check out the local branch of that group, visit their service, and introduce yourself. But you might also consider checking out a couple of other types of spiritual groups in the community as well. People grow and change, and sometimes a fresh philosophy and perspective are needed to reflect insights and spiritual evolution. May the Force move with you!

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